Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chirps from the Blue Jay

On religion:
We overheard a song on the radio that included the lines "I am a friend of God/He calls me friend." From the backseat, J asked, "Does God REALLY call him Fred?"

On human frailty:
Upon waking up against her wishes: "MAMA! The brightness of the light, it pains me!"
If this is 4, I can't wait for 14.

On extraterrestrials:
J: "Mama, why does this book have purple aliens in it?  Aliens are green."
Me: "Well, nobody knows for sure if aliens even exist or what they would look like.  So artists can draw them however they want to draw them.  If I were to draw an alien, I might color it yellow."
J: "OK.  And if *I* were to draw an alien, I might color it green.  BECAUSE THAT'S ITS ACTUAL COLOR."

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